C4 Head Team Rope

C4 Head Team Rope
C4 Head Team RopeCactus Ropes
Manufacturer: Cactus Ropes
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NSC Price: $39.99
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Constructed of four strands of 100% pure nylon, the C4 was built to complement the Xplosion and provide ropers with an ultra-consistent, snappy, full-bodied rope with tons of snap-back in hot weather.

“This is the perfect complement to the Xplosion. I use the C4 when we’re in the heat of the summer. I like 100% nylon for its snap-back ability when the temperature is up.”
- Trevor Brazile, 16-Time World Champion

- 4 strand

- 100% pure nylon

-Snap Back in Hot Weather

-Head & Heel Team Rope

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