Cowhide - Black & White

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Our top quality Brazilian cowhides are available in many different colors and variations. This is an example of a "black and white" hide. We stock a large selection of black and white cowhides, ranging in color from more white and less black, to more black and less white, to half and half. We stock only ML and XL rugs. ML rugs are approximately 35 square feet; XL rugs are approximately 45 square feet. Please note, shape, sizes, colors and patterns vary. Brazilian cowhides are natural tones, hair on cowhide, and feature a clean, soft split suede backside, and a glossy, shiny hair on the other. These are hand-selected hides, tanned in a certified and rated tannery which meets stringent standards for quality and environmental impact. Call for more options. We are also happy to email you or text you photos of rugs in stock.