Eight Away Breakaway

Eight Away Breakaway
Manufacturer: Eight Away Co.
NSC Price: $29.99


Eight Away "The Ultimate Breakaway" is the only breakaway of it's kind that does not require replacing the hondo of your calf rope or team rope. Simple application with longevity and does not change the feel or wieght of the rope or the action of your rope!! Simply slide the knot out of your honda on your practice rope and attach an "Eight Away" flexible S Hook as shown in the picture. You get to keep the feel of the original honda, the original weight, and the original burner. Included in the package are 4 different "S" hooks with different flexibility to fit your situation (slower, weaker calves, etc.). You can also use these to tie your ropes on to the saddle horn to breakaway as opposed to re-tying string each time. Manufactured by Ritchey Tag Company and used by many professional ropers.

4 pack 

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