Excalibur Heel Team Rope

Excalibur Heel Team Rope
Manufacturer: FastBack Ropes
NSC Price: $44.99
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The Excalibur is a poly-blend four-strand with a core interior that is natural in color for high visibility. The Excalibur appeals to team ropers who prefer a rope medium in size. The Excalibur is less affected by heat and direct sunlight due to the poly fiber. Head ropes are 31’ and come in XXS, XS, S, and MS. Heel ropes are 35’ and come in S, MS, M, and HM. 4-STRAND NYLON/POLY BLEND AVAILABLE IN: Head and heel ropes with a core interior HEAD LAYS: XXS XS S MS HEAD LENGTH: 31' HEAD DIAMETER: Medium HEEL LAYS: S MS M HM HEEL LENGTH: 35' HEEL DIAMETER: Medium

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