National Saddlery was founded in 1926 by Earl Denu and has been in continuous operation in Historic Stockyards City ever since.   In the early 1900's, the Denu family (father and sons) were highly regarded as master saddle and leather craftsmen.  The Leather Workers’ Journal, Volume 15-16, September 1912, reported that "Brothers Orvis and Earl Denu retired from the trade, and have gone to their farm in Oklahoma for the summer."  The Journal also reported  “Business is fair in this section of the country at the present time.  Most of the firms of the city have been busy making saddles for the Mexican war for the past six weeks.  C.E.Z. Correspondent.

Apparently, the retirement of the Brothers Denu did not last long, and the Denu Saddlery is believed to have begun operating in Stockyards City, Oklahoma sometime between 1912 and 1920.  An undisclosed controversy between the Denu brothers ended when one of the brothers, Earl Denu, left the Denu Saddlery, purchased the building located at 1307 S. Agnew, and set up shop as "National Saddlery."  There, he and his wife Elsie Denu operated National Saddlery for several decades.  Earl Denu (and Denu family relatives) owned the building at 1307 S. Agnew from 1926 until 1999, when the building was sold to Roy T. Oliver in 1999.  John Rule, a highly regarded artist and master saddlemaker, owned and operated National Saddlery from 1980 to 2008.  In 2008, the Rule family sold National Saddlery to current owners, the employees of National Saddlery, who have operated the saddle shop since then with a highly motivated and committed staff who have invested themselves in the future of this iconic western saddle shop.  In 2008, the saddle shop moved into a new, larger showroom 1/2 block south of the original location. 

At one time, Stockyards City was home to more than seven different saddle shops, all of which have come and gone -- with the exception of National Saddlery.  National Saddlery has been in continuous operation in what is now Historic Stockyards City since it began in 1926.   National Saddlery is still a working saddle shop, but also stocks a wide selection of saddles, tack, ropes and rodeo gear from the industry's leading manufacturers.  What started as a small saddle shop has evolved over the years into a trusted supplier of quality saddles, tack and gear for the western horseman.  National Saddlery has a special emphasis on the sports of roping, barrel racing, roughstock & rodeo, and offers the areas most complete selection for beginners through professional rodeo athletes.  With a nod to the agricultural industry in the area, National Saddlery and also stocks supplies for the farmer and rancher who depend on equine partners in their days' work.  

The original National Saddlery building -- just next door to Cattlemen's restaurant -- has been painstakingly restored and repaired.  It is now home to "Stockyards Sarsaparilla" -- an old-fashioned candy, soda and gift shop.  At home in the Sarsaparilla is the Sarsaparilla Bar -- an original 1890's model Brunswick style bar complete with bar back and mirror.  Truly a sight to see, the Sarsaparilla bar serves as an iconic reminder of a bygone era.  Stockyards Sarsaparilla is owned and operated by the National Saddlery team.