Ladies Lucchese Boots - Amberlyn Navy

Manufacturer Lucchese
Manufacturer Part No M5802
NSC Price $519.00
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The Lucchese Boot Company is as pure and rich as the American West.  It possesses a history spanning back to the early 1880's through 3 generations of passionate cobblers.  It is because of this family that Lucchese is able to offer the pinnacle of quality boots today.  Cross Bar Gallery is pleased to offer this exclusive selection of Lucchese Classics and Lucchese Boots.  Hand-crafted in the tradition of the American West, Lucchese Boots complement our exclusive offering of hand-crafted, artisan quality fine furnishings for the ranch, home and office -- inspiring the romanticism of the Western Lifestyle.

Treat your feet to the very best with Lucchese cowboy boots. Each Lucchese boot is truly a work of art. Sam Lucchese Jr. combined his grandfather's dedication to craftsmanship and quality with his own understanding of the human foot to make Lucchese boots the finest, most comfortable boots on the market today. If you're looking for comfort and quality, look no further than the Lucchese boot company.

Handmade Boots by Lucchese -- Boot Details:

Ladies Lucchese Cowboy Boots.  This jewel-colored boot will make a fashion statement at every occasion.  An elaborate collar outline is brought into the pullstrap design, and then echoed in the stitching along the shaft.  The saddle vamp allows underlying color to peek out, and the Full Quill Ostrich leather vamp completes the spherical accents on the boot.

Leather:  Calf/Full Quill Ostrich
Color:  Sienna/Navy Spyker
Toe:  TW Snip
Heel:  Fowler heel1-1/8"

We stock this boot with toe and heel specified in core sizes 7 through 11 and B and C widths.  Additional sizes available.  Call the Gallery (405) 943-5600 for details!