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Manufacturer: National Saddlery Company
NSC Price: From $25.00 to $75.00
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National Saddlery Mutton Bustin' during the National Little Britches Rodeo Finals at the Lazy E. July 3 - 5. 

1 Round each day, Wednesday - Friday. Mutton Bustin will follow the NLBRA morning perf, approximately 1pm. Top 4 from each round will qualify for short go. Champion buckle and awards for each round. Short go will immediately follow Fridays performance. 

Entries are open to contestants 3-6 years old and under 50lbs.

*Enter online, by phone or in person. Online and phone entry cut off is June 28th. You may enter in person at our booth during the NLBRA, before 12pm each day. 

Please call with any questions. (405) 239-2104

NLBRA Mutton Bustin Rules and Regulations 1. Parent/guardian must accompany contestant and sign waiver/participation agreement. All contestants must be entered and paid up by 12:30 p.m. at the National Saddlery booth each day. Contestants must be between the ages of 3 - 6 years old, and under 55 lbs, and in compliance with NLBRA eligibility and age rules: ARTICLE III REGULATIONS FOR CONTESTANTS Section 1. Eligibility A. NLBRA membership and competition is open to all who meet eligibility requirements specified in the By-Laws and in this Article. B. Membership in NLBRA is not required for competition in any NLBRA rodeo, except for the National Finals Rodeo. Section 2. Age A. The age of each contestant shall be determined as of the first Monday at Midnight following the National Little Britches Finals Rodeo (NLBFR) of that year. 2. A mandatory weigh-in will be held the morning of the competition. 3. Contestants are required to wear closed toe shoes, long pants, safety helmet and riding vest during the event. Contestants may use their personal safety helmets and riding vests, if they meet safety standards. If the contestant does not have an approved helmet or vest one will be provided for them by National Saddlery. 4. There will be three rounds held during the NLBRA Finals, July 3-5. We will take the top 4 riders of each round to join our short round on Friday to declare a NLBRA Champion Mutton Buster. 5. Winners of each round will be awarded a buckle (3 rounds + short go round = 4 rounds). Contestants are only eligible to win one round buckle, but all short round contestants are eligible for the short go buckle. If the contestant chooses to enter multiple days and has previously won a round buckle the buckle will be rolled to the next eligible contestant. 6. There is a cap of 45 contestants per day. 7. Contestants must ride in the forward-facing position. 8. Judge’s decisions are final, no re-rides will be given. 9. Mutton Bustin’ ropes may be used, although they are not required.