8" Cavalry Cheek Performance Correction

8 inch Cavalry Cheek Performance Correction
Item Number: SSPSBIT8CS10
Manufacturer: Classic Equine
Manufacturer Part No: SSPSBIT8CS10
NSC Price: $68.99


This cheek is designed for finished performance horses or tough mouthed older horses where more control is needed. It can be used as a schooling bit to get a horse that is not responding to milder bits to collect and break at the poll. It is also used in competition, and should not be used for daily training only. The purchase 2-1/2" and the shank is 5-1/2". The shank is angled back to the horse, causing a quicker, more immediate response. The purchase/ shank alignment ratio increases leverage, creating greater realized pressure to all points of contact. 

The correction applies increased pressure to all parts of the mouth and to the sides of the tongue. Not typically used in training, but often used to school horses that need a firmer reminder. It also works well with collection and stopping. 

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