Our success and growth are dependent on the collective effort, intelligence, ethics, creativity and commitment of our team members.  We strive to create an environment where motivated team members can flourish, set and reach their personal goals, and enjoy superior job satisfaction and security.  As team members, we take responsibility for our own successes and failures, and we strive to succeed every day, guided by our commitment to our vision, mission and core values.  Each team member plays a vital role in our day to day operations and has a contribution to make; no team member is more important than another.  We share in and celebrate each other’s successes, and we accept responsibility as a team where we fall short, and work as a team to refocus on our vision, mission and core values.  There are no entitlements.  We share in one collective fate. We understand to keep our vision alive and to meet our mission, we must work with an undivided focus every day to get better at what we do.  We recognize and reward hard work and commitment, and understand that ongoing training and education of our team members is key to our success.