Thrilla Head Team Rope

Manufacturer: Cactus Ropes
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Cactus Ropes Introduces CoreTX with the May 1, 2018 release of the Thrilla! “Being able to make ropes as close to perfect as possible has been our goal from day one at Cactus..” Explains Barry Berg, the general manager of Cactus Ropes and one of the original people that put their first rope machine together nearly three decades ago. “We worked extra hard to make the best feeling, most consistent ropes possible and used some of the greatest team ropers of all time to help us refine our craft. We never measured our success just in rope sales. We found our greatest success was in the thousands of individuals who roped the dummy, practiced, and ultimately had success with our ropes in competition. From a #3 roper all the way to Chad Masters, it has been extremely rewarding to see our dedication to perfecting our ropes pay off for those who use them.” Says Berg. The CoreTX does a couple things to an already great feeling Cactus rope. First, the roper will feel more tip weight even in a smaller diameter rope. This is due to the added weight of the core strand. The roper will also notice an extreme increase in the longevity of CoreTX ropes. This is due to a decrease in stretch from run to run plus the four strands are now twisted around a “foundation” which adds much more durability and life to the outside strands. This rope features one unique trait-they are colored 100% by the core! The outside strands have zero added dye, which makes the ropes extra durable as added dye often breaks down the fibers in the string causing them to fuzz and fray quicker than undyed strands. The Thrilla is a little smaller and quicker yet still has the added tip weight and durability of the CoreTX. This rope is perfect for those that like the feel of less rope in their hand but still want to maintain constant tip control.

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